Monday, July 9, 2012

Ava-gone from Avalon and Wizonomy 101

Well, Avalon was somewhat of a bust.  KI goes from a grindy extreme with Zafaria to a straightforward, challenge-laiden extreme with Avalon.  There was literally a boss fight every 2 or 3 quests.  The gear is also bull.  I maintain that the level 56 Wintertusk crafted hat and robe is the best myth gear in the game.  I do, however, like Ganelon's Keep.  I used shift on the Pendragon on the second round to give my dot to him.  This would be a fun fight for a 4 conjurer team.  The pip count on enemies is ridiculous, though.  I don't see why storm mobs need all of those pips.  They wipe the floor with me.

On a side note, I want to discuss the economy in Wizard101.  The economy of a game is the system in which resources and entities come in and out of said game. We have seen some unsavory changes to the way items, space, and gold are handled.  Almost all of the new gear is being labeled No Auction save for an item or two at each level that you can find on mobs.  This shoehorns us into grinding out gear.  This also limits the growth of the bazaar.    I don't like that.  Gold itself is being controlled and heavily taxed as a resource.  The gold cap is low and most big ticket items cost about 250000 gold which is 5/6 of the gold cap.  This, also shoehorns and limits us.  The real concern  comes from a coupling of the quick sell mechanic with this.  Once you get 275000 gold (11/12 of the gold cap)  the quick sell option is replaced with a delete option for your items.  That's just wrong.  Not to mention that feeding your pet isn't any different from the quick sell option in most cases.  The most horrific issue is the loss of items due to the deactivation of the overflow mechanic.  I just don't get it.  The overflow mechanic was just fine.  There was no need to get rid of it.

To fix these issues we need a gold cap increase to 500000, a reduction in cost of most purchases, a fare barter system for the bazaar in which we actually get our money's worth when selling items, fare selling prices at vendors, a removal of the No Auction tag from most items, and better gear so we would actually purchase the new gear when it shows up in the bazaar.  This command economy is a terrible model for an internal economy in an online game.  Regulation will only accomplish what regulation is meant to reverse.

I hope to actually get some waterworks gear soon so hit me up on Twitter (@MEGALUS) if you are interested in a run.

Stagnate On!!!! (Err... I mean stagnate off in KI's case.)

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