Saturday, March 24, 2012

Condemning Comendations

So I took to the Ettenmoores this Thursday and low and behold, Turbine's new fancy shmancy commendations system did indeed set many people back.  Since many people had tons of destiny points racked up and are now forced to leave them in the dust and pursue the ever so elusive commendations, most people are rife with opinion and it isn't in the form of positive feedback.  I personally think that it's bull to make us have to earn a new currency after we spent so much time amassing an old denomination.  The main reason that Turbine screwed up is because they didn't allow us to convert our destiny points to commendations thus giving us a massive grind in order to rank up our new audacity stat.  I personally am rarely on my creeps so it's more of a matter of principle for me than it is an actual crisis.  Sure it's a huge disappointment and I really don't need yet another obstacle in my way when I'm in the Ettenmoores.  I'm already way behind other people.

So what are commendations used for?  Everything!  They are a currency for everything but your general goods which you can get with reagular silver currency from one of the many NPC's in Gramsfoot.  Commendations have replaced destiny points as rewards for quests and killing freeps.  you don't get any currency rewards for killing regular mobs anymore.  You'll notice that we aren't given many commendations as quest rewards.  That's because purchases require less commendations than they originally required destiny points.  What used to cost a couple thousand destiny points now costs maybe a single thousand commendations or less.  I personally think that the scaling isn't properly proportioned, but there's no point in complaining.  It's not like Turbine cares about creeps unless they're pocketing bucket loads of cash off of them.  Until that happens, Turbine's main focus is on leeching off of the bank accounts of the freeps.

So...  Spend On!!!! (No seriously, don't.  If we can boycott petty shop purchases and spam on the forums that we won't spend money in the stupid cash shop until we have reasonable prices and don't have to pay Turbine to fix broken content that was supposed to be delivered free of charge, then maybe, just maybe, Turbine will look up the word 'morals' and stop treating us like blank checks.)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alderaan Will Has War

I just wanted to update my post from last week by continuing what may vary well be a trilogy on the Alderaan  chaos.  This time, I want to post my suggestions for an ideal team.  For the Republic, the ideal team is all troopers as troopers are the 1337zorz flavor of the month class.  If you're an Imperial, it doesn't matter what class you are.  You always win.

Now for something we didn't all know, I'm level 29 on my main.  I know, I know, it's a miracle, but I've done it, I've gotten so far ahead of the level range of the quests I'm doing.  That's right, I can skip a quest without my whole world being turned upside down and having to rage quit about being too low of a level to do anything.

So... Trooper On!!??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Alderaan can has War

So the Alderaan Civil War (which actually seems to be Republic troops verses Empire troops instead of actual civilians) is a bloody nightmare (literally).  This is nothing new, but did you know that I'm terrible at it?  (Ok, so that's not anything new either.)  I'd hate to think that the Empire has an advantage in any way, but i feel that they do.  We republicans can't seem to get our ducks in a row (It's funny how that's true both in game and out of game ain't it?) and I feel that this warzone is, and will continue to be,  the worst warzone for that. 

Do we go left?  How about right?  Surely we should go to the center.  This is the issue, no one knows where to go.  The leaders will say one way and no matter what everyone will go where ever they please.  I advocate always going for the center, but you never know whether or not this will work.  On rare occassions, you lose the left which is rare because both sides almost always go for their left turret and usually get it.  The center is where the true contest is.  To give my opinion, I say we need to go right now and again instead of left in order to throw the Empire off.  If you have one person go to the left, four go the center, and three go to the right, you might be able to get all three if you are lucky, but you won't be able to keep all three for very long.  If you can pull off sending two to each side and four to the center, that's amazing.  A common strategy is to get the left, get the center, and then pull people from the center to get the right.  This only happens if you get the advantage of coure, but it isn't ideal as being so spread out leaves you too open for losing every thing.  Since you only need two turrets to win, that means that the winning team usually just guards the two they have.  Doing this from the start gaurantees victory.

If you want to experiment with this warzone, have everbody go to the right, win that, and have six people charge the frenzying Empire that's hopping mad.  Basically, you have all eight people take the right and push left from there.  This could work but you might not be able to get all three turrets, only two.  A really good team could get three if they are up for the fight ahead.

That's pretty much all for now, Alderaan On!!!!