Monday, July 9, 2012

Ava-gone from Avalon and Wizonomy 101

Well, Avalon was somewhat of a bust.  KI goes from a grindy extreme with Zafaria to a straightforward, challenge-laiden extreme with Avalon.  There was literally a boss fight every 2 or 3 quests.  The gear is also bull.  I maintain that the level 56 Wintertusk crafted hat and robe is the best myth gear in the game.  I do, however, like Ganelon's Keep.  I used shift on the Pendragon on the second round to give my dot to him.  This would be a fun fight for a 4 conjurer team.  The pip count on enemies is ridiculous, though.  I don't see why storm mobs need all of those pips.  They wipe the floor with me.

On a side note, I want to discuss the economy in Wizard101.  The economy of a game is the system in which resources and entities come in and out of said game. We have seen some unsavory changes to the way items, space, and gold are handled.  Almost all of the new gear is being labeled No Auction save for an item or two at each level that you can find on mobs.  This shoehorns us into grinding out gear.  This also limits the growth of the bazaar.    I don't like that.  Gold itself is being controlled and heavily taxed as a resource.  The gold cap is low and most big ticket items cost about 250000 gold which is 5/6 of the gold cap.  This, also shoehorns and limits us.  The real concern  comes from a coupling of the quick sell mechanic with this.  Once you get 275000 gold (11/12 of the gold cap)  the quick sell option is replaced with a delete option for your items.  That's just wrong.  Not to mention that feeding your pet isn't any different from the quick sell option in most cases.  The most horrific issue is the loss of items due to the deactivation of the overflow mechanic.  I just don't get it.  The overflow mechanic was just fine.  There was no need to get rid of it.

To fix these issues we need a gold cap increase to 500000, a reduction in cost of most purchases, a fare barter system for the bazaar in which we actually get our money's worth when selling items, fare selling prices at vendors, a removal of the No Auction tag from most items, and better gear so we would actually purchase the new gear when it shows up in the bazaar.  This command economy is a terrible model for an internal economy in an online game.  Regulation will only accomplish what regulation is meant to reverse.

I hope to actually get some waterworks gear soon so hit me up on Twitter (@MEGALUS) if you are interested in a run.

Stagnate On!!!! (Err... I mean stagnate off in KI's case.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flaws of Zafaria and the Few Things KI Did Right

As the title suggests, I am rather frustrated with Zafaria as it is a complete grindfest.  I'm level 66 and I've ground more mobs in Zafaria than I did in Dragonspyre.  I've taken out at least 50 Greyhorn Mercenaries not to mention all of the mobs overall.  I'm also tired of using the same routine to take out the trash mobs and the bosses.  There is very little variation whatsoever in the combat.  I want more spells.  I'm too focused on the frustration of the grind to think of any other flaws so I will move on to the few good things I noticed.  KI has implemented mobs of the same name with different graphics and school types.  What I'm impressed with the most is that the bosses don't have blanket immunities.  You can crit on them and you can stun them!  That's the biggest improvement I've seen so far.  That's pretty much it though.  I'll have to see how the rest turns out.

I do want to say that Tse-Tse would have been more comical if he would have impersonated two races before we saw what he really loooks like.  That way when he pulls the stunt with those rhinos we would have had more of a build-up to the punchline so to speak.

Anyway, T-T Snake On!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Acknowledgement to the Best

I wanted to take the time to make a list of people I like to follow.  First off, I have to include Friendly.  How can I not?  The rest shall follow in list form:














I also want to list some podcasts as well (all of which are on the iTunes store):

I have to mention Pieces of 8 radio for anyone living under a rock

There is also A Casual Stroll to Mordor

MMO Reporter

LotRO Reporter

Rift Reporter

TOR Reporter

Guild Wars Reporter

Too Long Didn't Listen

Horde For Life

Empire For Life

The Liquid WoW

Liquid SWTOR

and for the sake of inclusivity... Ravenwood Radio

*stutters profusely* That's all folks!

Awesome On!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hutt Can Haz Future

I knew I should have made a post about my idea when I originally thought of it.  At least, I don't remember posting it.  About a month or two ago, I had the idea that there should be a Hutt faction  in SWTOR.  I have also wondered for an even longer time why the bounty hunter belonged to a faction at all.  I seem to have stumbled upon an original design concept for SWTOR as I have just heard through Liquid SWTOR that not only is the next expansion going to be Hutt based, but Bioware originally planned to have a Hutt faction that would have included both the bounty hunter and the imperial agent (this means that the smuggler might originally have been intended to be an empire class).

Obviously I can't prove that I thought of having a Hutt faction before I heard that such a faction was intended for launch.  Therefore, I'm not going to push the issue.  However, what I originally thought would be nice for a Hutt faction was if the Dark Jedi were a class option or maybe some sort of revenite class.  This way we would have dark side Jedi that could actually use force lightning and possibly some light side Sith that couldn't.  I tossed around the idea of the bounty hunters and smugglers being part of the Hutt Cartel, but wasn't sure what classes Bioware could replace them with as that would have led to some major imbalance had the empire not had bounty hunters and the republic not had smugglers.  I also considered that maybe Bioware could give the Dark Jedi their own faction allowing for more replayabillity between the six main archetypes that are out there.  I say six because while the jedi and sith are mirror opposites, the bounty hunters, agents, smugglers, and troopers are all mixed up in regards to the resources they use for their skills, the gear they are allowed to equip, and the weapons they use.

I really hope SWTOR gets a Hutt Faction and that maybe they could make the bounty hunters and the smugglers Hutt classes while renaming the currently existing  bounty hunters and smugglers.  Obviously they won't rename them as that is more work than they would be willing to do.

With that said, I wonder how long it will take Bioware to build new class archetypes.  I have my fingers crossed for a new class type coming with the first expansion.  We will also be able to roll Cathars as well.

So um... Jabba On?!?!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moria Ad Nausia

So I'm back to questing in the dreaded Moria.  The revamp Turbine rolled out has really done wonders for the zone.  I can actually quest there now!  I even got the Water Works questing deed done.  That gave me an extra rank of innocence.  I do want to point out that skirmishes are faster to level with than quests.  I don't see any point in buying quest packs for eregion, enedwaith, forochel, and lorien when you can use skirmishes to get you through any possible lag in leveling.  Not to mention that few quest packs are even worth anything.  Evendim isn't necessary.  The Lonelands have little purpose.  The Trollshaws are a joke.  Even the Misty Mountains are barely anything more than a distraction.  Does anyone know why the North Downs is available?  What is the Great River area used for anyway?  I can't imagine Mirkwood is going to be appealing to the either.

I can particularly see this game truely taking off once we hit the Fourth Age.  Good thing all four races stick around after that or we would run into a problem.  I have to say though that it saddens me that so many of the most important places in Middle-Earth are abandoned once majority of the elves leave for Valinor.  I also don't see why Arwen becomes human.  I do like that majority of Middle-Earth isn't abandoned.  I also think that Turbine will turn its sites on Rhovanion once we've explored Mordor and Umbar.  What I'm really holding out for is my belief that the one farthing in the Shire that isn't available will be home to our rescuing the Shire from 'Sharkey'.  I do hope that Turbine doesn't use Trouble in Tuckborough as a cop out to releasing content related to Saruman's taking over the Shire.

I can't say I will be happy to see the elves off or to see the migration to the West March, but I will welcome the true blossoming of Turbine's original designs for Middle-Earth Online.  I have a feeling that the lack of a strict story arc will let Turbine's true creative juices flow like a soda fountain with a jammed dispensor.

Anyway, I hope to finish up Moria and Mirkwood before Rohan is released.

Durin On!!!!

There are MMOs About Everything

So I heard over Twitter that there is a Code Lyoko MMO coming.  Does this mean that the .hack// conglomerate might resurrect The World?  I hope so.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that IP's are the new fad for MMO's.  I just hope we don't see World of Hey Arnold or Dora Online.
I really think there should be a Pokemon MMO before any of these other IPs are used.  I might let it slide if the interwebs received Kingdom Hearts Online before World of Pokemon.

Also, how could Donald P. Bellisario allow Ducky to be killed off?  This should be headline news!  I mean it's not like him re-writing his will didn't make it obvious.  Hell, they even had the brains to make it poetic.  They loose Ducky as Palmer matures to take the reigns.  I just hope they don't go killing off Ziva.  The internet would explode with nerd rage.  Also, look at the fantasy couple of the nerd Palmer and his supermodel bride!  Way to go Belisarius Productions.  I'm glad you have proven once again that media belongs to the horny, book-smart loners out there.
Anyway, back to the capitalist sphere.  Why do publishers always go for the third rate IPs?  Why don't they make MMOs about the better IPs and games?  I can't imagine they are all taken as I can name a bunch of them.  There's YU-GI-OH, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, Bleach, Digimon, .Hack//, Redakai, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kingdom Hearts... Actually, past single-player games have great MMO potential even if the MMO plays completely different from the single-player predecessor.

Basically, what I'm getting at (which you SHOULD be able to guess), is that lots of potential is being squandered and it has allowed for a lot of diluting which is bound to happen over time with anything anyway, so I guess we just need to see more effort toward pushing out multiple IPs.  Oh well, it's not like we need everything to have an MMO based off of it.

I also want to point out that Pirate 101's Beta is right around the corner as some people have already gotten their invites (or so that deceptive grape vine tells me).

IP On!!!!  (That's one heck of a sentence you don't want to read aloud.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sorc Low Lvl Battle Strategy

Alrighty recruits, today we are gonna cover how to use the almighty sands to roflstomp the morons who think they can one up you.  My level 29 sorc uses the rank 4 and 0 spells to his advantage.  I'm going to give a few pointers here, so pay attention.

1.  Look at your opponents' school types.  Adjust your shield ratios accordingly within your deck.  If you are going up against a boss, you might want four shield spells to reduce his damage ouput.

2.  Look at your oppoenents' ranks.  If you are going up against mobs with the same rank, use an aoe deck.  If you are taking on a boss and his pet, assume that you will need to hit with two good aoes and one or two heavy hits to win the battle.  This means you will want three sandstorms in your deck, four balance blades (and/or four hexes)  always carry two minions, have two pixies at the ready and a healing hand, never remove your two reshuffle cards from your line-up,  have the appropriate shields, and be ready with two spectral blasts in your deck.  The rest is at your discression, but remember that this is a good all-around deck build, too.

3.  Don't apply all of your shields at the start of the battle.  Pay attention to when you think your opponent will hit you hard and apply a shield the turn before.

4.  Heal!  Heal!  Heal!  Don't be stupid.  Heal when you are in danger of losing the battle.  Unless you want to wind up back in the Oasis or Regent's Square, use liberal healing.

5.  Don't fear the reaper.  If you want to use a vampire, go for it.  Using ghouls when questing in Wizard City is also a great offense no matter what class you are.

6.  Use your wand strikes between building up attacks when your hand looks like crap.  Don't be afraid to use wand strikes to dps down a mob ready to keel over.

7.  Don't waste time building up attacks in every battle.  Some battles can be won with some consecutive scorpions (or ghouls).

8.  There are these great people called manders.  Don't forget to summon yours.  Summoning one early on in a long battle is very frugal as you can get a lot of spells out of them including some donate pip spells that will more than recoupe the cost of casting them.

Don't forget these tips as you make your way to Mooshu.

Sorc On!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Previews Bring May... Anxiety

I'd like to hear some thoughts about Pirate 101.  I figure it would be good to have a place to dump collective thoughts from across the community without cluttering any message boards.  My thoughts surround how much of a drain playing Pirate 101 will be to some people's wallets.  For those who like to use crowns for premium content there's a whole new game to unlock for the small fee of hundreds of dollars over the game's lifetime, while the rest of us buy hundreds of dollars of game time with
our cards.  Crowns are also used for necessary and/or whimsical purchases in the shop and we all know how expensive every purchase is whether we are buying henchmen, gear, areas,or housing items.  I'm afraid of how many crowns sinks will be available in Pirate 101 if each crew member will need his or her own set of gear or if we get any hoard packs in Pirate 101.

KI needs to remember that kids aren't rich and most parents want to pull out their hair trying to figure out why their kids spend their days on the computer and will never fund their kids' gaming habit (as well as scoff at the thought of doing so).  So naturally, gamers won't be able to afford all of the premiums in Pirate 101 or afford to pay for premiums in both games.  As for me, I'll probably do what I did in Wizard 101 and buy 3 worlds worth of zones that I'll probably never level any alts through and then just pay for game time in order to get my main through the rest of the worlds as it is ungodly cheaper.

Don't forget to leave me your thoughts.

Think On!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Witchdoctor 101

So pirate 101 has been announced and KI isn't using a card-based system.  I like that part, but I don't like how terrible the combat looks.  Where are the graphics?  I think KI took the whole board game style a little too seriously.  I want to actually see my character not a bunch of placeholder icons.  I don't know how people are going to see you when you are in combat if you can't see yourself in combat.  I'm really hoping the screenshot I saw was just the interface for making your move and not what the entire combat system looks like.  Afterall, the trailer did show characters cutting down some health bars.

Naturally, I'll be playing the caster class which just so happens to be the witchdoctor.  Of course no game can ever be complete without some kind of disgusting aspect that is supposed to be so 1337zorz. Even though I look at it as a stupid trend, I suppose KI was just trying to do their best to keep to the whole pirate theme and I agree with that at least.  I'm disappointed that KI doesn't want the 2 games to ever cross paths as that would be a crowning jewel for the spiral.  I would like to see my conjurer rocking the battlefield with his equilateral 'sword'.  More importantly, I would like the stories to cross paths.  I don't need the main storylines to cross paths, just the individual worlds' stories.

I can't imagine what it was like for The Friendly Necromancer to be forced to hold his tongue about this.  I kind of have some sympathy for him to that extent.  Hopefully, the crafting in Pirate 101 won't require as many hard to get reagents.  However, I think KI was taking a page from Bioware's playbook when they gave each crew member a storyline.

I hope KI decides to build more classes.  Five just might not be enough.  Oh well, I guess they want to leave some classes for Ninja 101.  I definitely see KI making at least a dozen games with the '(insert iconic noun here) 101' naming scheme they have going on.  Can anyone say Bieber 101?  I was disappointed though that KI  designed Pirate 101 before Knight 101.

101 on!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I can haz Avalon?

So it appears that Avalon will be my dream world within the confines of the spiral.  I've been waiting for a medieval world for over a year now.  Unfortunately, I was hoping for something a little more predictable and stereotypical of a medieval setting, not KI's twist on things.  However, I'm just glad that I will have three things in particular that I really want:

I'll be coming back to the Spiral soon and will need someone to help me through those tough battles in Zafaria since I don't have any waterworks gear.

That brings me to my next topic:  Tower of the Helephant.  That first floor is beast (literally).  I don't recall ever beating the first boss let alone Ervin and I've only ever completed the Waterworks once.  KI should never have given mobs so much power upfront.  I can get facerolled by two eels.  That's not right.  KI created a steep difficulty curve between Dragonspyre and Celestia and has also given raid difficulty to dungeons without making the proper adjustments to give us lesser schools a chance.  Face it people, if you are myth, storm, or fire you are second rate.  Balance, ice, life, and death are wear it's at.  Those are the only classes worthwhile if you wish to be good at anything.  What intelligent Myth wizard uses their minions?  Those are only good at low levels.  I could bide my time getting pips to summon talos, summon him, and be dead before I could attack, or I could give myself a fighting chance.  Conjurers are the weakest by design and KI doesn't try to hide it.  Heck, KI rarely tells us anything.  KI's PR department must use a lot of vacation days.  I would like KI to be at least as chatty as Blizzard.  Those developers actually explain their designs.  The Petnome Project has to do all the work of gathering data, when a programmer could just publish a spreadsheet to tell us what we want to know.  Think about that.  I can't figure out why anyone would want to spend so much time mapping all of the genomes when KI could just upload a few files to their website.

One of the few things KI actually tells us is that they know the stats system was broken from the start.  I say nay.  I believe the stats system was doomed from the start not broken from the start.  We see that now with dump stats like armor piercing.  The combat system has become so convoluted  even though KI should have done a combat overhaul early on.  Instead, they decided to stick with it and only managed to dig themselves deeper to the point of no return.  I get that doubling the number of spots on either side of the duel circle would have allowed for one of every class to be in every battle, but that would allow for the synergy that the class system was designed for.  You won't always bring everything to every battle.  Not every team of wizards uses dots.  Not every team has a healer.  Not every team has an ice wizard for added defense.  However, KI has supplemented that by giving ice wizards the dot awesomeness that fire wizards should have had.  They also gave us may cast unicorn which remedies the lack of healers in some groups once every blue moon.  Death wizards are way too overpowered.  Just because they are a solo class doesn't mean they should be able to solo everything.  Deck construction is something I rarely succeed at.  I usually try to go for a generic character build:  One set of gear, I stick to my class pets, and I try to build an all-purpose deck simply because I don't function well when I have to rely on chance.  This means that I cram my deck full of spells, almost never discard any cards, and can never draw the right card.  Plus, being a conjurer doesn't help my deck building skills (rather my lack their of) either.

Anyway... Conjure on!

P.S.  Many people seem to ignore the fact that the myth school is the school of shadows and illusion.  The death school has nothing to do with shadows.  I find this odd, but that's what the book in the myth school says.  Grandmother Raven tells us that Myth is between ice and fire "because that's where the shadows lie" when she reads the book to us.  I remember when someone asked me why my last name is Shadowblade even though I'm myth.  The real reason is that I thought the name Blaze Shadowblade is awesome, but I wish my reasoning for it was because I knew that Myth dealt with shadows before I created my character.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ode to World of Warcraft

So I'm a closet WoW raider.  I have four accounts, all Horde mind you, and 32 of my characters are raid ready at the very least.  Yes, yes, this is why I complain and rant about everything.  This is why I'm always complaining that I can never do x or y is impossible or how can everyone always does something faster than me even though I spend most of my day on the computer.  I spend all of my time on World of Warcraft.  I have a kickass orc warrior, an undead deathknight, a tauren druid, a troll mage, an undead warlock, a blood elf paladin, a goblin rogue, an undead rogue, and 24 other raid ready characters that would take too long to list.

I can't see why anyone would be a freakin gnome or a boring human.  Those 2 races never made sense to me.  Also, why in the World of Warcraft did Blizzard give the Alliance the Night Elves?  It makes no sense that creatures of the night would be goody goody 2 shoes.  At least the horde wasn't stuck with space goats.  I can't wait to see the Pandarans, though.

I have been covering up my WoW fandom these past 4 years by complaining about everything I like and acting as if I love everything I hate.  After all, I did state my discontent for how much Turbine screwed the creeps.

ActiBlizzardvision Entertainment On!!!!  (Yes, that's what I secretly call them.)

P.S.  Post April Fools Day sanity has cured me of my WoW fandom.

P.S.S.  Blizzard sucks.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Condemning Comendations

So I took to the Ettenmoores this Thursday and low and behold, Turbine's new fancy shmancy commendations system did indeed set many people back.  Since many people had tons of destiny points racked up and are now forced to leave them in the dust and pursue the ever so elusive commendations, most people are rife with opinion and it isn't in the form of positive feedback.  I personally think that it's bull to make us have to earn a new currency after we spent so much time amassing an old denomination.  The main reason that Turbine screwed up is because they didn't allow us to convert our destiny points to commendations thus giving us a massive grind in order to rank up our new audacity stat.  I personally am rarely on my creeps so it's more of a matter of principle for me than it is an actual crisis.  Sure it's a huge disappointment and I really don't need yet another obstacle in my way when I'm in the Ettenmoores.  I'm already way behind other people.

So what are commendations used for?  Everything!  They are a currency for everything but your general goods which you can get with reagular silver currency from one of the many NPC's in Gramsfoot.  Commendations have replaced destiny points as rewards for quests and killing freeps.  you don't get any currency rewards for killing regular mobs anymore.  You'll notice that we aren't given many commendations as quest rewards.  That's because purchases require less commendations than they originally required destiny points.  What used to cost a couple thousand destiny points now costs maybe a single thousand commendations or less.  I personally think that the scaling isn't properly proportioned, but there's no point in complaining.  It's not like Turbine cares about creeps unless they're pocketing bucket loads of cash off of them.  Until that happens, Turbine's main focus is on leeching off of the bank accounts of the freeps.

So...  Spend On!!!! (No seriously, don't.  If we can boycott petty shop purchases and spam on the forums that we won't spend money in the stupid cash shop until we have reasonable prices and don't have to pay Turbine to fix broken content that was supposed to be delivered free of charge, then maybe, just maybe, Turbine will look up the word 'morals' and stop treating us like blank checks.)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alderaan Will Has War

I just wanted to update my post from last week by continuing what may vary well be a trilogy on the Alderaan  chaos.  This time, I want to post my suggestions for an ideal team.  For the Republic, the ideal team is all troopers as troopers are the 1337zorz flavor of the month class.  If you're an Imperial, it doesn't matter what class you are.  You always win.

Now for something we didn't all know, I'm level 29 on my main.  I know, I know, it's a miracle, but I've done it, I've gotten so far ahead of the level range of the quests I'm doing.  That's right, I can skip a quest without my whole world being turned upside down and having to rage quit about being too low of a level to do anything.

So... Trooper On!!??

Friday, March 9, 2012

Alderaan can has War

So the Alderaan Civil War (which actually seems to be Republic troops verses Empire troops instead of actual civilians) is a bloody nightmare (literally).  This is nothing new, but did you know that I'm terrible at it?  (Ok, so that's not anything new either.)  I'd hate to think that the Empire has an advantage in any way, but i feel that they do.  We republicans can't seem to get our ducks in a row (It's funny how that's true both in game and out of game ain't it?) and I feel that this warzone is, and will continue to be,  the worst warzone for that. 

Do we go left?  How about right?  Surely we should go to the center.  This is the issue, no one knows where to go.  The leaders will say one way and no matter what everyone will go where ever they please.  I advocate always going for the center, but you never know whether or not this will work.  On rare occassions, you lose the left which is rare because both sides almost always go for their left turret and usually get it.  The center is where the true contest is.  To give my opinion, I say we need to go right now and again instead of left in order to throw the Empire off.  If you have one person go to the left, four go the center, and three go to the right, you might be able to get all three if you are lucky, but you won't be able to keep all three for very long.  If you can pull off sending two to each side and four to the center, that's amazing.  A common strategy is to get the left, get the center, and then pull people from the center to get the right.  This only happens if you get the advantage of coure, but it isn't ideal as being so spread out leaves you too open for losing every thing.  Since you only need two turrets to win, that means that the winning team usually just guards the two they have.  Doing this from the start gaurantees victory.

If you want to experiment with this warzone, have everbody go to the right, win that, and have six people charge the frenzying Empire that's hopping mad.  Basically, you have all eight people take the right and push left from there.  This could work but you might not be able to get all three turrets, only two.  A really good team could get three if they are up for the fight ahead.

That's pretty much all for now, Alderaan On!!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Darth Negalus

That's right.  I tried out the Sith Inquisitor and the Sith Warrior over on  the Lord Ieldis server.  The Inquisitor is probably the most fun class.  I love lightning powers.  The fact it's purple doesn't bother me at all.  If only I could be a lightning shooting Mace Windu.  He would whoop all y'all's *censored by Chuck Norris who currently owns copyrights on everyone's bottoms* (Curse you SOPA!).  I feel that the Inquisitor is already more powerful than the Consular at level one.  You should have seen what the preview model for the Sith race looked like when I was looking at which race to pick for my Inquisitor.  The male looked like he had a fish for a head.

Also, I invite fellow Jedi to friend me on Jedi Covenant.  Remember to check the lfg social tab for MEGALUS.  I can always use some help on the battlefront.  No one ever knows what they are doing in pvp.  It's like they all eneter the warzone and alt+tab over to Youtube or something (then again, if they were surfing Youtube, then they would be able to see how you pvp).  On top of that, is it just me, or do all the good pvpers always go to the evil faction in an MMO and use a stealth class as if they think they're being so zomg leetzorz bad*censored by Chuck Norris*?

Zap On!  (Zap on, zap off!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strong In The Force This One Is.

I just wanted to give a quick update.  I'm focusing on my shadow (of course) and I just played my knight a little (Jedi for the win; the Council is leetzorz).  I'm also getting an urge for the smuggler again.  The good news is I've gotten to the Taris bonus series quests which is the continuation of Taris's storyline past the point at which you should head to Nar Shadaa.  This is, as the name implies, optional, but I want to do as many quests as possible.  My affection with Qyzen (the first companion for the Consular) is getting along really well.  However, I think we are a little mis-matched in our roles.  Both Qyzen and I are battle-hardened off-off-tanks.  The extra defense is nice though and it kind of beats C2-N2's weak healing abilities and weak default attack.  I can't imagine how hectic it would be if I had gone sage and was using C2-N2 as a body shield, although I have a slight feeling (just a teeny-tiny feeling) that a tank would have an easier time trying to heal than C2-N2 would have tanking (just sayin').  It is fun, though, to gather a bunch of little Rakghoul and have them jump on Qyzen like posessed dolls (no joke; I swear one of them rotated its head 180 degrees and glared right at me).  I can't believe it takes 40,000 credits to buy the speeder skill from your trainer.  That's how much it takes to unlock your second cargo bay.  In other news, I've almost mastered the Javaal space combat mission.

Jedi On!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Codexter's Archives

Alright, I'm gonna do a massive codex plug with credit given to TORHead:


Trained in superior tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge onto the battlefield with massive assault cannons, overwhelming their enemies with brute firepower. Whether taking out a bunker or driving back an Imperial charge with a hail of concussive bolts, the Commando�s high-powered hardware dominates the scene, laying waste to all who fall within its range.

All Commandos learn to use powerful assault cannons, and can opt to learn the skills of a Combat Medic, using proven Republic medical training to heal and protect allies; Gunnery, utilizing a variety of assault cannon loadouts to burn, crush and incapacitate enemies; and Tactics, specializing in explosives and weapons that penetrate a target's armor.


Master of the trick shot, the first to dive for cover and able to take advantage of every opportunity, the Gunslinger and his dual blasters are the perfect team. There's a right target for ending every disagreement, and the Gunslinger knows enemy vulnerabilities like the inside of his ship.

All Gunslingers learn how to fire two blasters at once, specializing in long-range combat and methods to keep enemies at a distance. Gunslingers can also opt to learn the skills of the Saboteur, using grenades and demolitions technology that cause fire damage and ignore enemy armor; the Sharpshooter, shooting from cover and focusing on precise, high-damage attacks; and Dirty Fighting, crippling and bleeding opponents using underhanded tactics.


A wall between the Republic and its enemies, the Jedi Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds and dares opponents to attack. Perfect concentration and use of the Force allows smooth movement even in heavy armor--making the Guardian a hard target to take down. Leaders on and off the battlefield, Guardians also inspire allies to amazing feats, making them invaluable for conflicts of any size.

All Jedi Guardians learn to move in heavy armor and build extra energy to perform spectacular feats. Guardians can opt to learn Vigilance, developing attacks that power through weaker opponents with ease and concentrating on fewer strikes that hit harder; Defense, redirecting enemies' attacks against the Guardian's allies toward the Guardian's sturdy self; and Focus, specializing in advanced Force techniques to increase the potency of lightsaber attacks and perform telekinetic feats to hamper opponents.


The mysteries of the Force are endless. A Jedi Sage, devoted to uncovering its esoteric secrets, knows this better than anyone. Sages are famed for their wisdom and empathy as much as for their powerful healing and defensive skills. In troubled times, a Sage brings together the insight of the past with raw power to change the flow of galactic events.

All Jedi Sages embrace the teachings of the Force and can opt to learn the art of the Seer, healing wounded allies and protecting them from harm--restoring their life force and literally pulling them out of danger; Telekinetics, distorting reality and moving massive waves of energy that tear apart a Sage's enemies; and Balance, deploying the power of the Force to enhance lightsaber techniques and debilitate foes in combat.


Control and focus are the hallmarks of the Jedi Sentinel. Through years of training, Sentinels learn the art of using two lightsabers in tandem to create an intricate web of damage almost impossible to evade. By manipulating the Force, Sentinels can see holes in the enemy's defense, potential flaws in their own techniques and how best to plan for both.

All Jedi Sentinels can wield two lightsabers in combat, using speed and precision to strike enemies where they are weakest. Sentinels can opt to learn the ways of a Watchman, becoming a peerless lightsaber combatant and using the Juyo form to debilitate foes; Combat, taking advantage of the Sentinel's lighter armor and using the agile Ataru form to perform incredibly swift strikes; and Focus, specializing in advanced Force techniques to increase the potency of lightsaber attacks and perform telekinetic feats to hamper opponents.


A Shadow serves the Jedi Order by being a silent observer and, when action is necessary, a subtle hand. Shadows go unseen, employing Force techniques that cloud enemy minds to slip into hostile territory and, when necessary, striking enemies down with deadly efficiency. Shadows embrace the synergy between lightsaber and Force combat.

All Jedi Shadows use the Force to conceal themselves and move invisibly behind enemy lines, as well as learn to use double-bladed lightsabers in either an offensive or defensive capacity. Shadows can also opt to learn Infiltration, becoming masters of stealth and ambush who forgo the head-on attack for the vulnerable flank; Kinetic Combat, utilizing a double-bladed lightsaber as either an acrobatic weapon or a bulwark of defense; and Balance, deploying the power of the Force to enhance lightsaber techniques and debilitate foes in combat.


The Scoundrel doesn't have time for polite and doesn't do fair fight. In addition to a trusty blaster, the Scoundrel packs a stealth belt, a scattergun and a medpac--everything you need to get in, knock the enemy for a loop and get out alive.

All Scoundrels learn how to move stealthily--sneaking past or surprising enemies--and various close-quarters fighting techniques that do damage at short range and prevent an enemy from fleeing. Scoundrels can also opt to learn the skills of the Scrapper, using scatterguns to deal even more damage close-up; the Sawbones, applying medicine and damage prevention techniques to heal and protect allies; and Dirty Fighting, crippling and bleeding opponents using underhanded tactics.


Focused on long-range tactics and eliminating sensitive targets, Snipers are the most elite and professional marksmen in the galaxy. After extensive training, the Sniper learns to target enemies' vulnerabilities and strike at the perfect moment to turn the tide of battle.

All Snipers learn how to use deadly sniper rifles and specialize in long-range combat, keeping their enemies at a distance. Snipers can also opt to learn the skills of Engineering, using probes and other gadgets to deal additional damage; Marksmanship, shooting from cover and focusing on precise, high-damage attacks; and Lethality, utilizing deadly toxins to poison their enemies.


Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards wade into battle wearing advanced heavy armor. They are the first and best line of defense in the Republic military, ignoring personal risk and stepping into the line of fire to divert danger from allies and innocents. Though their tactical role is inherently dangerous, Specialists have an uncanny survivability due to their expert defensive tactics and technology.

All Vanguards learn to use personal shield generators and can opt to acquire the skills of an Assault Specialist, relying on shield power surges and energy blade attacks to do damage at short range and prevent an enemy from fleeing; the skills of a Shield Specialist, further training in advanced armor and defenses in order to absorb damage and protect allies; and Tactics, specializing in explosives and weapons that penetrate a target's armor.


Archaeology is the study of crystal formations and archaeological finds. Crystal formations contain crystals that an Artificer can use to construct lightsaber modifications and armor for Force users. Archaeological finds contain artifact fragments of Force-imbued technology. These valuable items contain ancient formulas and algorithms used in the crafting skills Artifice and Synthweaving. Archaeologists can send their companions on missions to gather resources.

Armormech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to construct armor for non-Force users. Vendor-purchased fluxes are used during the armor creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability. Armormechs can reverse engineer their crafted armor and possibly discover new ways to improve armor creation. The gathering skill Scavenging provides crafting resources for Armormech.

Recommended Gathering Skills: Scavenging (Scavenged Metals and Compounds).
Recommended Mission Skills: Underworld Trading (Underworld Metals).


Armstech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to craft blasters, blaster modifications and melee weapons. Vendor-purchased fluxes are used during the weapon creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability. Crafted blasters include blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, assault cannons and shotguns. Blaster modifications include blaster barrels. Melee weapons include vibroblades and electrostaves. Armstechs can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation. The gathering skill Scavenging provides crafting resources for Armstech.

Recommended Gathering Skills: Scavenging (Scavenged Metals and Compounds).
Recommended Mission Skills: Investigation (Researched Compounds).


Artifice is the delicate skill of constructing lightsaber modifications, enhancements, generators and focii. Lightsaber modifications include color crystals and hilts that augment a Force user's combat attributes. Color crystals determine beam and bolt color for lightsabers and blasters. Enhancements are modification upgrades for weapons and armor. Artificers can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation. The gathering skill Archaeology provides crafting resources for Artifice.

Recommended Gathering Skills: Archaeology (Power Crystals, Color Crystals and Artifact Fragments).
Recommended Mission Skills: Treasure Hunting (Gemstones).


Bioanalysis is the practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and vegetation. Genetic materials include cell fibers, bacterial strains, toxic extracts and medicinal fluids. Biochemists use these materials to create medpacs to restore health, stimulants (single-use injections) that provide a boost to physical abilities, and biological implants that enhance combat prowess by stimulating neural networks and regulating brain stem functions. The crafting skill Biochem utilizes Bioanalysis resources. Bioanalysts can send their companions on missions to gather resources.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Biochem.


Biochem is the skill involved in crafting medical supplies, performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants. Biochemists can create medpacs to restore health, stimulants (single-use injections) that provide a boost to physical abilities, and biological implants that enhance combat prowess by stimulating neural networks and regulating brain stem functions. Biochemists can reverse engineer their crafted implants and possibly discover new ways to improve implant creation. The gathering skill Bioanalysis provides crafting resources for Biochem.

Recommended Gathering Skills: Bioanalysis (Biochemical Samples and Compounds).
Recommended Mission Skills: Diplomacy (Medical Supplies).


Cybertech is the skill to assemble droid armor, earpieces, grenades, armoring, mods and miscellaneous gadgets. Armoring and mods are upgrade modifications that augment combat ability. Earpieces are external mini-computers that are worn on or near the ear. They enhance combat prowess by giving audio and visual feedback to the wearer or through direct neural feedback via an external nerve relay. Cybertechs can reverse engineer their crafted items and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation. The gathering skill Scavenging provides crafting resources for Cybertech.

Recommended Gathering Skill: Scavenging (Scavenged Metals and Compounds).
Recommended Mission Skills: Underworld Trading (Underworld Metals).


Diplomacy is the art of conducting and managing negotiations. Sending your companions on diplomatic missions can influence your light side or dark side standing. In addition to light side and dark side influence, possible Diplomacy rewards include medical supplies used to construct prototype and artifact implants, medpacs, stimulants, adrenals and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Biochem.

Investigation is the skill of researching, gathering, analyzing and decoding secret information. Sending your companions on Investigation missions can yield valuable items in the form of researched compounds used to construct prototype and artifact weapons and blaster barrels, prototype schematics for all crafts, and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: All (for schematics), Armstech.
Researched Compounds are obtained from Investigation missions.


Scavenging is the art of salvaging useful parts and base materials such as metals, alloys and synthetic compounds from potential technological resources--junk piles, fallen droids, abandoned cargo and broken-down vehicles. The crafting skills Armormech, Armstech and Cybertech utilize Scavenging resources. Scavengers can send their companions on missions to gather resources.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Armormech, Armstech, Cybertech.


Slicing is not a skill required for crafting. Slicing is the art of accessing secure computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable items, credits and rare tech schematics. Common slicing targets include electronic safes, data stations, security mainframes and biometric footlockers. These targets contain credits, rare tech schematics used to construct Cybertech gadgets, vehicles and space upgrades, and mission discovery objects that unlock challenging missions that can potentially yield great rewards. Slicers can send their companions on missions to retrieve these valuable items. Other possible mission rewards include augments that can be slotted into exceptionally crafted items.

Recommended Crafting Skills: All (for mission discoveries), Cybertech (for tech schematics).

Slicing (Gathering and Missions) rewards lockboxes of graduated quality and quantity, but does not supply any crafting materials.

Synthweaving is the process of fabricating synthetic materials out of crystals, various chemicals and artifact fragments to construct armor for Force users. Vendors provide premade solutions, suspensions and composites that are used during the Synthweaving process. Synthweavers can reverse engineer their crafted armor and possibly discover new ways to improve armor creation. The gathering skill Archaeology provides crafting resources for Synthweaving.

Recommended Gathering Skills: Archaeology.
Recommended Mission Skills: Underworld Trading (Luxury Fabrics and Underworld Metals).

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is the ability to track down and recover valuable items by following a series of clues. Companions sent on Treasure Hunting missions can return with rare gemstones used to construct prototype and artifact enhancements, hilts, color crystals, focii and generators. Other possible rewards include lockboxes that can contain valuable items or credits and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Artifice.
Underworld trading

Underworld Trading entails the exchange of goods and services on the galactic black market. Sending your companions on Underworld Trading missions can yield luxury fabrics and underworld metals used to construct prototype and artifact armor, earpieces, grenades, space upgrades, and weapon and armor modifications. Other possible rewards include gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Armormech, Cybertech, and Synthweaving.
Underworld Metals and Luxury Fabrics are obtained from Underworld Trading missions.

Codex On!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Full Crystal Biochemist

The chemist is in the hizzouse.  So I seem to be spending half of my time collecting crafting materials as I quest on Corruscant.  I have a couple of piles of resources in my cargo hold.  At least I shouldn't run out of the level 1 resources any time soon.  I'll be going crazy with rubat crystals once I get an artificer.

Here is another codex entry:

Satele Shan

Grand Master of the Jedi Order and leader of the Jedi Council, Satele Shan was born on the Core World of Brentaal Four and is descended from legendary Jedi Bastila Shan. Both a gifted warrior and wise teacher, Satele was personally responsible for rediscovering Tython and its hyperspace route. Ever since, she has devoted herself to the Jedi resettlement of Tython and the revitalization of the order.

Satele has played a key role in recent galactic history in other ways, as well. She fought on the front lines of several major battles--including the battles of Alderaan and Rhen Var--and was present as a Padawan during the Imperial retaking of Korriban, the first modern contact between the Sith Empire and the Republic. She is greatly respected by certain members of the Republic military, and her advice is often sought by the Supreme Chancellor. In person, Satele's strength in the Force is matched with a keen intelligence and a subtle sense of humor.

On a side note, I need a ship and a speeder and I need to get my shadow's white-haired, green hide off of Corruscant (which I believe I am about to do).

Green Goo On!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Someone Absent This Way Comes

What is this web page?  It feels as if I've posted here before...  oh... right, I've... abandoned it for over a week... *que awkward face*  It's... it's not my fault... the SWTOR made me do it... yeah, that's right it was SWTOR.  Don't worry, I can stop playing SWTOR whenever I want.  No really I can.  I just don't want to.

I've been playing SWTOR non-stop long enough to get my shadow to 18, my smuggler to 9, my knight to 5, and just this afternoon, play a trooper to level 9.  Too bad I can't focus on just one character.  I think I need to go to Altoholics Anonymous.  I've heard their alienware labtops have built-in screens along side the keyboards and some killer progression raid runs... I mean... *force persuades* Altoholics Anonymous does not have killer phat loots or awesome little mouse droids and V.I.P. Lounge Wristbands handed to you as you walk in the door every meeting (score!!!!!).

Now let's get down to business.  I want to offer another lore segment that is totally not copied right from the codex.  (It is totally copied from the codex.)

Jedi Weapons:  The lightsaber is the iconic symbol of the Jedi.  Through the Force, it becomes an extension of the wielder; serving as both a powerful tool for defense and a devestating weapon against the dark side.  Padawans, however, typically use electroblade training swords until they have proven themselves worthy.  Only then can a padawan make a pilgrimage to the Forge on Tython to construct a lightsaber in accordance to ancient Jedi tradition.

Lightsabers come in both single- and double-bladed forms, and their blades can be a variety of colors.  Blue, green, and yellow are the most common among the Jedi, though there are example of other hues such as magenta and cyan.  The color of a given lightsaber's blade is largely determined by the crystals in the hilt that power the weapon.  Different crystals confer varying properties on the weapon, allowing each lightsaber to be customized by its creator.

Well there you have it.  Now we know that there is a cyan crystal option that I will probably want to use once I see how nice it looks.  However, for the record, I LOVE YELLOW!  Yellow, yellow, yellow, I want yellow!  *ahem*  I guess that's it for now, but I would really like some comments on my posts.  After all, my ego isn't going to inflate itself (+50 dark side).

Republic On!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Consulate is in Session

Well, after a gruelingly frustrating weekend, I finally have a consular.  I decided to use my product registration code friday afternoon.  That backfired.  An error occurred when I entered it and when I entered the code a second time, I got the message that my code was already in use.  So I waited all weekend for customer support to correct that.  They didn't.  I checked my e-mail on Monday only to find out that someone corrected it first thing yesterday morning.  Murphy's Law didn't fail me.  So there went my entire weekend of play.  Then, I found out that I couldn't play my first thirty days worth of game time until I either subscribed or redeemed a game time card.  Off to GameStop!

Finally, at 7 PM, I was home and ready to play.  I encountered the exact same graphical issues that I did in Beta.  I had video lag and my computer shut off on me twice.  The second time it shut off on me, I was fighting some flesh raiders.  Now to log back in and see where my dead consular ended up.

Well, I'm progressing very well through the tutorial.  I'm halfway!  I'm looking forward to Huttball.

Hey there good lookin'!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Predicament

I have been a little uncertain recently about which specialization I want my main consular to go down.  I want to be a Jedi Shadow (the Republic's asassin class), but I'm thinking about specializing as a Jedi Sage (the Republic's priest/cleric class).  The fact that they both use the energy mechanic (called force) is a little discouraging to me as I like to have mana which doesn't drain as fast.  I know that choosing your build is a pain in MMO's and that few people escape such a vile beast.  I honestly am not happy about being saddled with throwing rocks when I could be shooting lightning from my hands.  I think that both kinetic skills and force lightning should be interchangeable based upon which side of the force you choose to be on.  Give me your thoughts on swtor below or send me an e-mail at  You can also send me a tweet at @MEGALUS.  Also, check out the AQ3D project being conducted by AE.  You will have to search for it in Google since the URL hosting the details on it will be changing.  Don't forget to check out AE's games at,,,,,,, and

Predicament On!!!! (Man, why do I keep embarrassing myself with such cheesy puns?  Then again, I could have gone with May The Force Be On You... oh, oh that is just wrong!)

P.S.  Here's a video of the shadow.
And here is a sage video.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am still Alive

I just wanted to post that I hope to actually have a productive post sometime soon.  I'm busy right now and might not have much time for gaming until the weekend.  I hope this doesn't turn into a series of repetitive posts.  (Friday the 13th movies anyone?  No?  How about the Halloween series?)  For now I'm just trying to find leisure time.

Leisure(?!?!?!) On (or would it be 'Off')?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teh Two Cooliest Titles

Just a quick update (also to show that I am still alive), I've purchased RIFT and SWTOR, but probably won't be playing either of them until summer when I have more time to play.  I just don't want to waste game time cards.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giving the audience the reigns (Gitty-up Darn It)

Today, I have a challenge for my readers.  This challenge, should you choose to accept it, will probably blow up 30 seconds after you finish the transmission just because that's what I hear transmissions do in spy movies (And it's never a bad time to honor an age old tradition... I think *gulp*).  I want you, the reader, to come up with a game for me to try out and if I like one of the games, I will do a Choose My Adventure segment on it. (Credit for my inspiration goes to Beau Hindman over at Massively)  So if I get a list of good suggestions... I'll be busy for a year as all of you pull the puppet master strings attached to my limbs. *shivers*  On another note, I want to include a post of guild listings for those out there who could use a recruit or two.  Also, I want to rap this post up with a game lore section.  For my first entry, I want to cover some RIFT lore since I want to start playing RIFT and am using this post as a tool to get you psyched so you will play with me. (Good thing I'm great at being subtle.)  First off, the story behind RIFT is that the Pantheon (Telara's gods) created six planes.  Each became the home of one of the six elements:  fire, water, earth, air, life, and death.  In the middle of the planes the Pantheon created Telara where the six main races now live.  Each race has its own lore and to fully understand that lore you should visit the race section of the website.  The idea is that the Bloodstorm (a legion of elemental creatures bound to the will of demonic entities that control the planes headed by Regulos) forced itself through rifts in the planes into Telara and waged war with the people of Telara.  When the Bloodstorm won, the Vigil (those of the Pantheon who joined forces against the Bloodstorm) intervened and resurrected those who fought in their name to protect Telara and brought the newly resurrected army back in time to when the war was still being fought.  The Defiant (those who forsook the Vigil and fought with the power of Eth technology) created machines to resurrect their people and send them back in time as well.  Now, as those who were resurrected, you have to fight the Bloodstorm and the opposing faction in order to save Telara.  The four callings that you can choose from are warrior, cleric, rogue, and mage.  Each calling has a set of eight soles that you can choose from that act as your class.  You may buy all of the soles, but you can only have three active at a time and each soul works as a skill tree that gives you your skills and stat bonuses based on how you spend your skill points.

That's it for this post, leave your comments, suggestions, hate mail, and cries of Defiant superiority below or e-mail me at, or send me a tweet @MEGALUS.

Guard On!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Characters

I wanted to give a couple screenshots of my characters so here they are *rolls out the catwalk* *hits the play button on the stereo* *deep voice comes on:  I'm too smexy for my... robe (eww...)*:
That's my Dwarven RK Zegalus in the middle.
Wow, not his best yearbook picture.  He shouldn't have gone emo that year.
Now That's what a yearbook photo should look like!

That's right, I can has Cysero's Golden Cheezburger.
                                                                   Hey there smexy!

Well those are a few of my characters.  For the rest of them, you can probably just look out for the name MEGALUS or do a search for my character page depending on what game you are playing.
As I was making this post, Turbine announced over Twitter that they have their next expansion set to launch this fall (shocker):  Riders of Rohan

LotRO On!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I decided to do a look back at my online gaming history.  It started when my cousin showed me in July of 2008.  Within a week, I was hooked and I eventually spread to the rest of AE's (Artix Entertainment's) games.  I even tried out Wizard 101 and stuck with it for two years at which point I started to run out of wizard 101 game cards and decided to use them sparingly.  As of right now, I only have two cards and I am saving them.  A year ago, a couple of us from the Twizard community as well as the WoW community (and no I never played WoW before at that time so those weren't any of my aquaintances at first) decided to try out LotRO and we were hooked.  Since then, I have been devoting most of my time to LotRO.  I had a hard falling out with my first Kinship (don't let them drama rift swallow you up) and now am with the Legion of Chaos who have migrated to SWTOR for the most part.  We are a great group if not an altogether motley crew (and yes we have a loose band put together as well in LotRO) who has members not just across the border, but also across the pond.  Since starting up a LotRO account, I have spread to EQ2, DDO, RIFT, and Global Agenda.  I have tried out League of Legends like I mentioned yesterday, but am not currently focusing on that game either.  In the past, I've gotten a conjurer to level 60 in Wizard 101, a Rune-Keeper to level 55, a wizard to level 2 in DDO, a warlock to level 10 in EQ2, a necrolock to 19 in RIFT, and a robotic to 14 in Global Agenda.  I would like to know exactly what people want me to post before I start ranting about whatever comes to mind and man will I rant when I want to (I already have a few topics that I've wanted to bicker about for some time now).  I just want to know that I have an audience first.  As for the rest of this post, I want to cover some current developments in games that I play.  This means that I'm about to don my fanboy cap and act as towncrier for AE.  The biggest news is that AE is developing a 3D MMO and the project is called AQ3D.  AE has a history of accomplishments.  They have created quality games with a quality staff devoted beyond the call of duty (can I still use that phrase now that it's a copyrighted intellectual property?) to their jobs.  According to Artix (Founder of ARTIX Entertainment) the team tasked with creating AQ3D (which includes Artix himself) has gone from deciding to make the MMO to actually knowing how to make it with in a month's time.  Because this is their first run of the mill MMO (A.K.A. Quazi-medieval high-fantasy MMO not developed in 2D like AQ Worlds is), they have had to learn from scratch and yet they seem to have figured everything out with little to know prior experience in developing the types of MMOs that are so popular in the gaming industry.  This does not mean that they have never played games like RIFT or LotRO or even WoW, but they have never created a true equivalent there of.  AE normally sticks to their guns, but have decided to stay inside of the box this time (or at least so it would seem... dun dun DUNNNN).  You can read the webpage for yourself that Artix has been posting on.  Now as to the rest of their progress, AQ Worlds has recently seen the expansion of Lolosia which was originally going to be a rare zone not meant to see the light of day (or gold master as it is called), but because of all the excitement during the beta, they decided to keep the zone open instead of closing it as a rare event in the beta.  The AQW team has also embarked on the Etherstorm saga which started back in November on 11/11/11 where players quested to free the darkness dragon Desoloth from imprisonment all the while being tricked into doing so by his minion.  I'm enjoying the saga, yet I can't help but to wonder if Desoloth is going to become the next Chaos Lord as Drakath undoubtedly has noticed all the Chaos that Desoloth has caused.  In other news, I should have a list up soon on the sidebar with links to different sites.  I just need to figure out how to do it first.

Battle On!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Promptu Attempt at Starting a Blog A.K.A. Commensary Post

*Taps Mic* Is this thing on(line)?  *whispers* Que the drum roll! What? The drummer took the day off?  Raiding rehashed bosses? Really?  What about the trumpetteer?  Strep throat?  *facepalm* *fixes focus back on the readers*  Well, uhm, hi folks.  This was supposed to be my GRAND opening *glares at backstage dramaturge*, but instead, I'll just go with a prose narrative (short story).  I decided this morning out of a spur of the moment decision that I was going to put my google account to good use and start up a blog (not that I was ever very fond of the idea).  I've decided to give it a whirl whether for better or for worse and I might not be very frequent but this will be a good spot to direct my rants to and to talk about my MMO gaming.  As most of my aquaintances already know, I can never seem to keep quiet and I always have something to talk about (or complain about).  I am Megalus Doomslayer, although I prefer MEGALUS as it seems more epic to have an all caps name.  Now I know that there is at least one other person out there who uses this name if not more than one person, but I have not actually met them before.  I know this primarily because of the occasional failed attempt at naming a character MEGALUS when I try to create a character in a new MMO or on a server I've never played on before.  I'm primarily playing LotRO right now, but I also play  DDO, Global Agenda, Wizard 101, AQ Worlds, Herosmash, Epic Duel, Dragonfable, Mechquest, and occasionally I'll log into other games like Rift, Everquest 2, Loong, Adventure Quest, and Warpforce.  I've recently tried out League of Legeneds.  I am a big promoter of Artix Entertainment and can't stress enough how awesome they are. 
My current character names are as follows:

DDO- Zegalus, Negalus (Cannith server)
Wizard 101- Blaze Shadowblade, Blaze Hexmancer, Blaze Lifebane, and Blaze Thunder(something)
Herosmash- (Have you guessed it yet?) MEGALUS
Everquest 2- MEGALUS, ZEGALUS (Freeport server)
Global Agenda- MEGALUS

My kinship's name in LotRO is the Legion of Chaos.  Check us out as we are a multigaming guild.

I should have more information for you sooner, but until then, in the words of Adam Bohns (Artix Von Krieger)... Battle On!

P.S. Post questions, comments, requests, random sparring invites, and congratulatory well wishes below. -Y
P.P.S. +2 brownie points to those who can guess what my blog's name is a reference to. -Y
P.P.P.S. +5 to your lore skill if you can guess what my post script structure is an abstract reference to -Y