Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am still Alive

I just wanted to post that I hope to actually have a productive post sometime soon.  I'm busy right now and might not have much time for gaming until the weekend.  I hope this doesn't turn into a series of repetitive posts.  (Friday the 13th movies anyone?  No?  How about the Halloween series?)  For now I'm just trying to find leisure time.

Leisure(?!?!?!) On (or would it be 'Off')?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teh Two Cooliest Titles

Just a quick update (also to show that I am still alive), I've purchased RIFT and SWTOR, but probably won't be playing either of them until summer when I have more time to play.  I just don't want to waste game time cards.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giving the audience the reigns (Gitty-up Darn It)

Today, I have a challenge for my readers.  This challenge, should you choose to accept it, will probably blow up 30 seconds after you finish the transmission just because that's what I hear transmissions do in spy movies (And it's never a bad time to honor an age old tradition... I think *gulp*).  I want you, the reader, to come up with a game for me to try out and if I like one of the games, I will do a Choose My Adventure segment on it. (Credit for my inspiration goes to Beau Hindman over at Massively)  So if I get a list of good suggestions... I'll be busy for a year as all of you pull the puppet master strings attached to my limbs. *shivers*  On another note, I want to include a post of guild listings for those out there who could use a recruit or two.  Also, I want to rap this post up with a game lore section.  For my first entry, I want to cover some RIFT lore since I want to start playing RIFT and am using this post as a tool to get you psyched so you will play with me. (Good thing I'm great at being subtle.)  First off, the story behind RIFT is that the Pantheon (Telara's gods) created six planes.  Each became the home of one of the six elements:  fire, water, earth, air, life, and death.  In the middle of the planes the Pantheon created Telara where the six main races now live.  Each race has its own lore and to fully understand that lore you should visit the race section of the website.  The idea is that the Bloodstorm (a legion of elemental creatures bound to the will of demonic entities that control the planes headed by Regulos) forced itself through rifts in the planes into Telara and waged war with the people of Telara.  When the Bloodstorm won, the Vigil (those of the Pantheon who joined forces against the Bloodstorm) intervened and resurrected those who fought in their name to protect Telara and brought the newly resurrected army back in time to when the war was still being fought.  The Defiant (those who forsook the Vigil and fought with the power of Eth technology) created machines to resurrect their people and send them back in time as well.  Now, as those who were resurrected, you have to fight the Bloodstorm and the opposing faction in order to save Telara.  The four callings that you can choose from are warrior, cleric, rogue, and mage.  Each calling has a set of eight soles that you can choose from that act as your class.  You may buy all of the soles, but you can only have three active at a time and each soul works as a skill tree that gives you your skills and stat bonuses based on how you spend your skill points.

That's it for this post, leave your comments, suggestions, hate mail, and cries of Defiant superiority below or e-mail me at, or send me a tweet @MEGALUS.

Guard On!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Characters

I wanted to give a couple screenshots of my characters so here they are *rolls out the catwalk* *hits the play button on the stereo* *deep voice comes on:  I'm too smexy for my... robe (eww...)*:
That's my Dwarven RK Zegalus in the middle.
Wow, not his best yearbook picture.  He shouldn't have gone emo that year.
Now That's what a yearbook photo should look like!

That's right, I can has Cysero's Golden Cheezburger.
                                                                   Hey there smexy!

Well those are a few of my characters.  For the rest of them, you can probably just look out for the name MEGALUS or do a search for my character page depending on what game you are playing.
As I was making this post, Turbine announced over Twitter that they have their next expansion set to launch this fall (shocker):  Riders of Rohan

LotRO On!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I decided to do a look back at my online gaming history.  It started when my cousin showed me in July of 2008.  Within a week, I was hooked and I eventually spread to the rest of AE's (Artix Entertainment's) games.  I even tried out Wizard 101 and stuck with it for two years at which point I started to run out of wizard 101 game cards and decided to use them sparingly.  As of right now, I only have two cards and I am saving them.  A year ago, a couple of us from the Twizard community as well as the WoW community (and no I never played WoW before at that time so those weren't any of my aquaintances at first) decided to try out LotRO and we were hooked.  Since then, I have been devoting most of my time to LotRO.  I had a hard falling out with my first Kinship (don't let them drama rift swallow you up) and now am with the Legion of Chaos who have migrated to SWTOR for the most part.  We are a great group if not an altogether motley crew (and yes we have a loose band put together as well in LotRO) who has members not just across the border, but also across the pond.  Since starting up a LotRO account, I have spread to EQ2, DDO, RIFT, and Global Agenda.  I have tried out League of Legends like I mentioned yesterday, but am not currently focusing on that game either.  In the past, I've gotten a conjurer to level 60 in Wizard 101, a Rune-Keeper to level 55, a wizard to level 2 in DDO, a warlock to level 10 in EQ2, a necrolock to 19 in RIFT, and a robotic to 14 in Global Agenda.  I would like to know exactly what people want me to post before I start ranting about whatever comes to mind and man will I rant when I want to (I already have a few topics that I've wanted to bicker about for some time now).  I just want to know that I have an audience first.  As for the rest of this post, I want to cover some current developments in games that I play.  This means that I'm about to don my fanboy cap and act as towncrier for AE.  The biggest news is that AE is developing a 3D MMO and the project is called AQ3D.  AE has a history of accomplishments.  They have created quality games with a quality staff devoted beyond the call of duty (can I still use that phrase now that it's a copyrighted intellectual property?) to their jobs.  According to Artix (Founder of ARTIX Entertainment) the team tasked with creating AQ3D (which includes Artix himself) has gone from deciding to make the MMO to actually knowing how to make it with in a month's time.  Because this is their first run of the mill MMO (A.K.A. Quazi-medieval high-fantasy MMO not developed in 2D like AQ Worlds is), they have had to learn from scratch and yet they seem to have figured everything out with little to know prior experience in developing the types of MMOs that are so popular in the gaming industry.  This does not mean that they have never played games like RIFT or LotRO or even WoW, but they have never created a true equivalent there of.  AE normally sticks to their guns, but have decided to stay inside of the box this time (or at least so it would seem... dun dun DUNNNN).  You can read the webpage for yourself that Artix has been posting on.  Now as to the rest of their progress, AQ Worlds has recently seen the expansion of Lolosia which was originally going to be a rare zone not meant to see the light of day (or gold master as it is called), but because of all the excitement during the beta, they decided to keep the zone open instead of closing it as a rare event in the beta.  The AQW team has also embarked on the Etherstorm saga which started back in November on 11/11/11 where players quested to free the darkness dragon Desoloth from imprisonment all the while being tricked into doing so by his minion.  I'm enjoying the saga, yet I can't help but to wonder if Desoloth is going to become the next Chaos Lord as Drakath undoubtedly has noticed all the Chaos that Desoloth has caused.  In other news, I should have a list up soon on the sidebar with links to different sites.  I just need to figure out how to do it first.

Battle On!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Promptu Attempt at Starting a Blog A.K.A. Commensary Post

*Taps Mic* Is this thing on(line)?  *whispers* Que the drum roll! What? The drummer took the day off?  Raiding rehashed bosses? Really?  What about the trumpetteer?  Strep throat?  *facepalm* *fixes focus back on the readers*  Well, uhm, hi folks.  This was supposed to be my GRAND opening *glares at backstage dramaturge*, but instead, I'll just go with a prose narrative (short story).  I decided this morning out of a spur of the moment decision that I was going to put my google account to good use and start up a blog (not that I was ever very fond of the idea).  I've decided to give it a whirl whether for better or for worse and I might not be very frequent but this will be a good spot to direct my rants to and to talk about my MMO gaming.  As most of my aquaintances already know, I can never seem to keep quiet and I always have something to talk about (or complain about).  I am Megalus Doomslayer, although I prefer MEGALUS as it seems more epic to have an all caps name.  Now I know that there is at least one other person out there who uses this name if not more than one person, but I have not actually met them before.  I know this primarily because of the occasional failed attempt at naming a character MEGALUS when I try to create a character in a new MMO or on a server I've never played on before.  I'm primarily playing LotRO right now, but I also play  DDO, Global Agenda, Wizard 101, AQ Worlds, Herosmash, Epic Duel, Dragonfable, Mechquest, and occasionally I'll log into other games like Rift, Everquest 2, Loong, Adventure Quest, and Warpforce.  I've recently tried out League of Legeneds.  I am a big promoter of Artix Entertainment and can't stress enough how awesome they are. 
My current character names are as follows:

DDO- Zegalus, Negalus (Cannith server)
Wizard 101- Blaze Shadowblade, Blaze Hexmancer, Blaze Lifebane, and Blaze Thunder(something)
Herosmash- (Have you guessed it yet?) MEGALUS
Everquest 2- MEGALUS, ZEGALUS (Freeport server)
Global Agenda- MEGALUS

My kinship's name in LotRO is the Legion of Chaos.  Check us out as we are a multigaming guild.

I should have more information for you sooner, but until then, in the words of Adam Bohns (Artix Von Krieger)... Battle On!

P.S. Post questions, comments, requests, random sparring invites, and congratulatory well wishes below. -Y
P.P.S. +2 brownie points to those who can guess what my blog's name is a reference to. -Y
P.P.P.S. +5 to your lore skill if you can guess what my post script structure is an abstract reference to -Y