Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hutt Can Haz Future

I knew I should have made a post about my idea when I originally thought of it.  At least, I don't remember posting it.  About a month or two ago, I had the idea that there should be a Hutt faction  in SWTOR.  I have also wondered for an even longer time why the bounty hunter belonged to a faction at all.  I seem to have stumbled upon an original design concept for SWTOR as I have just heard through Liquid SWTOR that not only is the next expansion going to be Hutt based, but Bioware originally planned to have a Hutt faction that would have included both the bounty hunter and the imperial agent (this means that the smuggler might originally have been intended to be an empire class).

Obviously I can't prove that I thought of having a Hutt faction before I heard that such a faction was intended for launch.  Therefore, I'm not going to push the issue.  However, what I originally thought would be nice for a Hutt faction was if the Dark Jedi were a class option or maybe some sort of revenite class.  This way we would have dark side Jedi that could actually use force lightning and possibly some light side Sith that couldn't.  I tossed around the idea of the bounty hunters and smugglers being part of the Hutt Cartel, but wasn't sure what classes Bioware could replace them with as that would have led to some major imbalance had the empire not had bounty hunters and the republic not had smugglers.  I also considered that maybe Bioware could give the Dark Jedi their own faction allowing for more replayabillity between the six main archetypes that are out there.  I say six because while the jedi and sith are mirror opposites, the bounty hunters, agents, smugglers, and troopers are all mixed up in regards to the resources they use for their skills, the gear they are allowed to equip, and the weapons they use.

I really hope SWTOR gets a Hutt Faction and that maybe they could make the bounty hunters and the smugglers Hutt classes while renaming the currently existing  bounty hunters and smugglers.  Obviously they won't rename them as that is more work than they would be willing to do.

With that said, I wonder how long it will take Bioware to build new class archetypes.  I have my fingers crossed for a new class type coming with the first expansion.  We will also be able to roll Cathars as well.

So um... Jabba On?!?!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moria Ad Nausia

So I'm back to questing in the dreaded Moria.  The revamp Turbine rolled out has really done wonders for the zone.  I can actually quest there now!  I even got the Water Works questing deed done.  That gave me an extra rank of innocence.  I do want to point out that skirmishes are faster to level with than quests.  I don't see any point in buying quest packs for eregion, enedwaith, forochel, and lorien when you can use skirmishes to get you through any possible lag in leveling.  Not to mention that few quest packs are even worth anything.  Evendim isn't necessary.  The Lonelands have little purpose.  The Trollshaws are a joke.  Even the Misty Mountains are barely anything more than a distraction.  Does anyone know why the North Downs is available?  What is the Great River area used for anyway?  I can't imagine Mirkwood is going to be appealing to the either.

I can particularly see this game truely taking off once we hit the Fourth Age.  Good thing all four races stick around after that or we would run into a problem.  I have to say though that it saddens me that so many of the most important places in Middle-Earth are abandoned once majority of the elves leave for Valinor.  I also don't see why Arwen becomes human.  I do like that majority of Middle-Earth isn't abandoned.  I also think that Turbine will turn its sites on Rhovanion once we've explored Mordor and Umbar.  What I'm really holding out for is my belief that the one farthing in the Shire that isn't available will be home to our rescuing the Shire from 'Sharkey'.  I do hope that Turbine doesn't use Trouble in Tuckborough as a cop out to releasing content related to Saruman's taking over the Shire.

I can't say I will be happy to see the elves off or to see the migration to the West March, but I will welcome the true blossoming of Turbine's original designs for Middle-Earth Online.  I have a feeling that the lack of a strict story arc will let Turbine's true creative juices flow like a soda fountain with a jammed dispensor.

Anyway, I hope to finish up Moria and Mirkwood before Rohan is released.

Durin On!!!!

There are MMOs About Everything

So I heard over Twitter that there is a Code Lyoko MMO coming.  Does this mean that the .hack// conglomerate might resurrect The World?  I hope so.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that IP's are the new fad for MMO's.  I just hope we don't see World of Hey Arnold or Dora Online.
I really think there should be a Pokemon MMO before any of these other IPs are used.  I might let it slide if the interwebs received Kingdom Hearts Online before World of Pokemon.

Also, how could Donald P. Bellisario allow Ducky to be killed off?  This should be headline news!  I mean it's not like him re-writing his will didn't make it obvious.  Hell, they even had the brains to make it poetic.  They loose Ducky as Palmer matures to take the reigns.  I just hope they don't go killing off Ziva.  The internet would explode with nerd rage.  Also, look at the fantasy couple of the nerd Palmer and his supermodel bride!  Way to go Belisarius Productions.  I'm glad you have proven once again that media belongs to the horny, book-smart loners out there.
Anyway, back to the capitalist sphere.  Why do publishers always go for the third rate IPs?  Why don't they make MMOs about the better IPs and games?  I can't imagine they are all taken as I can name a bunch of them.  There's YU-GI-OH, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, Bleach, Digimon, .Hack//, Redakai, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kingdom Hearts... Actually, past single-player games have great MMO potential even if the MMO plays completely different from the single-player predecessor.

Basically, what I'm getting at (which you SHOULD be able to guess), is that lots of potential is being squandered and it has allowed for a lot of diluting which is bound to happen over time with anything anyway, so I guess we just need to see more effort toward pushing out multiple IPs.  Oh well, it's not like we need everything to have an MMO based off of it.

I also want to point out that Pirate 101's Beta is right around the corner as some people have already gotten their invites (or so that deceptive grape vine tells me).

IP On!!!!  (That's one heck of a sentence you don't want to read aloud.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sorc Low Lvl Battle Strategy

Alrighty recruits, today we are gonna cover how to use the almighty sands to roflstomp the morons who think they can one up you.  My level 29 sorc uses the rank 4 and 0 spells to his advantage.  I'm going to give a few pointers here, so pay attention.

1.  Look at your opponents' school types.  Adjust your shield ratios accordingly within your deck.  If you are going up against a boss, you might want four shield spells to reduce his damage ouput.

2.  Look at your oppoenents' ranks.  If you are going up against mobs with the same rank, use an aoe deck.  If you are taking on a boss and his pet, assume that you will need to hit with two good aoes and one or two heavy hits to win the battle.  This means you will want three sandstorms in your deck, four balance blades (and/or four hexes)  always carry two minions, have two pixies at the ready and a healing hand, never remove your two reshuffle cards from your line-up,  have the appropriate shields, and be ready with two spectral blasts in your deck.  The rest is at your discression, but remember that this is a good all-around deck build, too.

3.  Don't apply all of your shields at the start of the battle.  Pay attention to when you think your opponent will hit you hard and apply a shield the turn before.

4.  Heal!  Heal!  Heal!  Don't be stupid.  Heal when you are in danger of losing the battle.  Unless you want to wind up back in the Oasis or Regent's Square, use liberal healing.

5.  Don't fear the reaper.  If you want to use a vampire, go for it.  Using ghouls when questing in Wizard City is also a great offense no matter what class you are.

6.  Use your wand strikes between building up attacks when your hand looks like crap.  Don't be afraid to use wand strikes to dps down a mob ready to keel over.

7.  Don't waste time building up attacks in every battle.  Some battles can be won with some consecutive scorpions (or ghouls).

8.  There are these great people called manders.  Don't forget to summon yours.  Summoning one early on in a long battle is very frugal as you can get a lot of spells out of them including some donate pip spells that will more than recoupe the cost of casting them.

Don't forget these tips as you make your way to Mooshu.

Sorc On!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Previews Bring May... Anxiety

I'd like to hear some thoughts about Pirate 101.  I figure it would be good to have a place to dump collective thoughts from across the community without cluttering any message boards.  My thoughts surround how much of a drain playing Pirate 101 will be to some people's wallets.  For those who like to use crowns for premium content there's a whole new game to unlock for the small fee of hundreds of dollars over the game's lifetime, while the rest of us buy hundreds of dollars of game time with
our cards.  Crowns are also used for necessary and/or whimsical purchases in the shop and we all know how expensive every purchase is whether we are buying henchmen, gear, areas,or housing items.  I'm afraid of how many crowns sinks will be available in Pirate 101 if each crew member will need his or her own set of gear or if we get any hoard packs in Pirate 101.

KI needs to remember that kids aren't rich and most parents want to pull out their hair trying to figure out why their kids spend their days on the computer and will never fund their kids' gaming habit (as well as scoff at the thought of doing so).  So naturally, gamers won't be able to afford all of the premiums in Pirate 101 or afford to pay for premiums in both games.  As for me, I'll probably do what I did in Wizard 101 and buy 3 worlds worth of zones that I'll probably never level any alts through and then just pay for game time in order to get my main through the rest of the worlds as it is ungodly cheaper.

Don't forget to leave me your thoughts.

Think On!!!!