Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flaws of Zafaria and the Few Things KI Did Right

As the title suggests, I am rather frustrated with Zafaria as it is a complete grindfest.  I'm level 66 and I've ground more mobs in Zafaria than I did in Dragonspyre.  I've taken out at least 50 Greyhorn Mercenaries not to mention all of the mobs overall.  I'm also tired of using the same routine to take out the trash mobs and the bosses.  There is very little variation whatsoever in the combat.  I want more spells.  I'm too focused on the frustration of the grind to think of any other flaws so I will move on to the few good things I noticed.  KI has implemented mobs of the same name with different graphics and school types.  What I'm impressed with the most is that the bosses don't have blanket immunities.  You can crit on them and you can stun them!  That's the biggest improvement I've seen so far.  That's pretty much it though.  I'll have to see how the rest turns out.

I do want to say that Tse-Tse would have been more comical if he would have impersonated two races before we saw what he really loooks like.  That way when he pulls the stunt with those rhinos we would have had more of a build-up to the punchline so to speak.

Anyway, T-T Snake On!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Acknowledgement to the Best

I wanted to take the time to make a list of people I like to follow.  First off, I have to include Friendly.  How can I not?  The rest shall follow in list form:














I also want to list some podcasts as well (all of which are on the iTunes store):

I have to mention Pieces of 8 radio for anyone living under a rock

There is also A Casual Stroll to Mordor

MMO Reporter

LotRO Reporter

Rift Reporter

TOR Reporter

Guild Wars Reporter

Too Long Didn't Listen

Horde For Life

Empire For Life

The Liquid WoW

Liquid SWTOR

and for the sake of inclusivity... Ravenwood Radio

*stutters profusely* That's all folks!

Awesome On!!!!