Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sorc Low Lvl Battle Strategy

Alrighty recruits, today we are gonna cover how to use the almighty sands to roflstomp the morons who think they can one up you.  My level 29 sorc uses the rank 4 and 0 spells to his advantage.  I'm going to give a few pointers here, so pay attention.

1.  Look at your opponents' school types.  Adjust your shield ratios accordingly within your deck.  If you are going up against a boss, you might want four shield spells to reduce his damage ouput.

2.  Look at your oppoenents' ranks.  If you are going up against mobs with the same rank, use an aoe deck.  If you are taking on a boss and his pet, assume that you will need to hit with two good aoes and one or two heavy hits to win the battle.  This means you will want three sandstorms in your deck, four balance blades (and/or four hexes)  always carry two minions, have two pixies at the ready and a healing hand, never remove your two reshuffle cards from your line-up,  have the appropriate shields, and be ready with two spectral blasts in your deck.  The rest is at your discression, but remember that this is a good all-around deck build, too.

3.  Don't apply all of your shields at the start of the battle.  Pay attention to when you think your opponent will hit you hard and apply a shield the turn before.

4.  Heal!  Heal!  Heal!  Don't be stupid.  Heal when you are in danger of losing the battle.  Unless you want to wind up back in the Oasis or Regent's Square, use liberal healing.

5.  Don't fear the reaper.  If you want to use a vampire, go for it.  Using ghouls when questing in Wizard City is also a great offense no matter what class you are.

6.  Use your wand strikes between building up attacks when your hand looks like crap.  Don't be afraid to use wand strikes to dps down a mob ready to keel over.

7.  Don't waste time building up attacks in every battle.  Some battles can be won with some consecutive scorpions (or ghouls).

8.  There are these great people called manders.  Don't forget to summon yours.  Summoning one early on in a long battle is very frugal as you can get a lot of spells out of them including some donate pip spells that will more than recoupe the cost of casting them.

Don't forget these tips as you make your way to Mooshu.

Sorc On!!!!

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