Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moria Ad Nausia

So I'm back to questing in the dreaded Moria.  The revamp Turbine rolled out has really done wonders for the zone.  I can actually quest there now!  I even got the Water Works questing deed done.  That gave me an extra rank of innocence.  I do want to point out that skirmishes are faster to level with than quests.  I don't see any point in buying quest packs for eregion, enedwaith, forochel, and lorien when you can use skirmishes to get you through any possible lag in leveling.  Not to mention that few quest packs are even worth anything.  Evendim isn't necessary.  The Lonelands have little purpose.  The Trollshaws are a joke.  Even the Misty Mountains are barely anything more than a distraction.  Does anyone know why the North Downs is available?  What is the Great River area used for anyway?  I can't imagine Mirkwood is going to be appealing to the either.

I can particularly see this game truely taking off once we hit the Fourth Age.  Good thing all four races stick around after that or we would run into a problem.  I have to say though that it saddens me that so many of the most important places in Middle-Earth are abandoned once majority of the elves leave for Valinor.  I also don't see why Arwen becomes human.  I do like that majority of Middle-Earth isn't abandoned.  I also think that Turbine will turn its sites on Rhovanion once we've explored Mordor and Umbar.  What I'm really holding out for is my belief that the one farthing in the Shire that isn't available will be home to our rescuing the Shire from 'Sharkey'.  I do hope that Turbine doesn't use Trouble in Tuckborough as a cop out to releasing content related to Saruman's taking over the Shire.

I can't say I will be happy to see the elves off or to see the migration to the West March, but I will welcome the true blossoming of Turbine's original designs for Middle-Earth Online.  I have a feeling that the lack of a strict story arc will let Turbine's true creative juices flow like a soda fountain with a jammed dispensor.

Anyway, I hope to finish up Moria and Mirkwood before Rohan is released.

Durin On!!!!

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