Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Previews Bring May... Anxiety

I'd like to hear some thoughts about Pirate 101.  I figure it would be good to have a place to dump collective thoughts from across the community without cluttering any message boards.  My thoughts surround how much of a drain playing Pirate 101 will be to some people's wallets.  For those who like to use crowns for premium content there's a whole new game to unlock for the small fee of hundreds of dollars over the game's lifetime, while the rest of us buy hundreds of dollars of game time with
our cards.  Crowns are also used for necessary and/or whimsical purchases in the shop and we all know how expensive every purchase is whether we are buying henchmen, gear, areas,or housing items.  I'm afraid of how many crowns sinks will be available in Pirate 101 if each crew member will need his or her own set of gear or if we get any hoard packs in Pirate 101.

KI needs to remember that kids aren't rich and most parents want to pull out their hair trying to figure out why their kids spend their days on the computer and will never fund their kids' gaming habit (as well as scoff at the thought of doing so).  So naturally, gamers won't be able to afford all of the premiums in Pirate 101 or afford to pay for premiums in both games.  As for me, I'll probably do what I did in Wizard 101 and buy 3 worlds worth of zones that I'll probably never level any alts through and then just pay for game time in order to get my main through the rest of the worlds as it is ungodly cheaper.

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Think On!!!!

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