Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Witchdoctor 101

So pirate 101 has been announced and KI isn't using a card-based system.  I like that part, but I don't like how terrible the combat looks.  Where are the graphics?  I think KI took the whole board game style a little too seriously.  I want to actually see my character not a bunch of placeholder icons.  I don't know how people are going to see you when you are in combat if you can't see yourself in combat.  I'm really hoping the screenshot I saw was just the interface for making your move and not what the entire combat system looks like.  Afterall, the trailer did show characters cutting down some health bars.

Naturally, I'll be playing the caster class which just so happens to be the witchdoctor.  Of course no game can ever be complete without some kind of disgusting aspect that is supposed to be so 1337zorz. Even though I look at it as a stupid trend, I suppose KI was just trying to do their best to keep to the whole pirate theme and I agree with that at least.  I'm disappointed that KI doesn't want the 2 games to ever cross paths as that would be a crowning jewel for the spiral.  I would like to see my conjurer rocking the battlefield with his equilateral 'sword'.  More importantly, I would like the stories to cross paths.  I don't need the main storylines to cross paths, just the individual worlds' stories.

I can't imagine what it was like for The Friendly Necromancer to be forced to hold his tongue about this.  I kind of have some sympathy for him to that extent.  Hopefully, the crafting in Pirate 101 won't require as many hard to get reagents.  However, I think KI was taking a page from Bioware's playbook when they gave each crew member a storyline.

I hope KI decides to build more classes.  Five just might not be enough.  Oh well, I guess they want to leave some classes for Ninja 101.  I definitely see KI making at least a dozen games with the '(insert iconic noun here) 101' naming scheme they have going on.  Can anyone say Bieber 101?  I was disappointed though that KI  designed Pirate 101 before Knight 101.

101 on!!!!

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