Monday, April 16, 2012

I can haz Avalon?

So it appears that Avalon will be my dream world within the confines of the spiral.  I've been waiting for a medieval world for over a year now.  Unfortunately, I was hoping for something a little more predictable and stereotypical of a medieval setting, not KI's twist on things.  However, I'm just glad that I will have three things in particular that I really want:

I'll be coming back to the Spiral soon and will need someone to help me through those tough battles in Zafaria since I don't have any waterworks gear.

That brings me to my next topic:  Tower of the Helephant.  That first floor is beast (literally).  I don't recall ever beating the first boss let alone Ervin and I've only ever completed the Waterworks once.  KI should never have given mobs so much power upfront.  I can get facerolled by two eels.  That's not right.  KI created a steep difficulty curve between Dragonspyre and Celestia and has also given raid difficulty to dungeons without making the proper adjustments to give us lesser schools a chance.  Face it people, if you are myth, storm, or fire you are second rate.  Balance, ice, life, and death are wear it's at.  Those are the only classes worthwhile if you wish to be good at anything.  What intelligent Myth wizard uses their minions?  Those are only good at low levels.  I could bide my time getting pips to summon talos, summon him, and be dead before I could attack, or I could give myself a fighting chance.  Conjurers are the weakest by design and KI doesn't try to hide it.  Heck, KI rarely tells us anything.  KI's PR department must use a lot of vacation days.  I would like KI to be at least as chatty as Blizzard.  Those developers actually explain their designs.  The Petnome Project has to do all the work of gathering data, when a programmer could just publish a spreadsheet to tell us what we want to know.  Think about that.  I can't figure out why anyone would want to spend so much time mapping all of the genomes when KI could just upload a few files to their website.

One of the few things KI actually tells us is that they know the stats system was broken from the start.  I say nay.  I believe the stats system was doomed from the start not broken from the start.  We see that now with dump stats like armor piercing.  The combat system has become so convoluted  even though KI should have done a combat overhaul early on.  Instead, they decided to stick with it and only managed to dig themselves deeper to the point of no return.  I get that doubling the number of spots on either side of the duel circle would have allowed for one of every class to be in every battle, but that would allow for the synergy that the class system was designed for.  You won't always bring everything to every battle.  Not every team of wizards uses dots.  Not every team has a healer.  Not every team has an ice wizard for added defense.  However, KI has supplemented that by giving ice wizards the dot awesomeness that fire wizards should have had.  They also gave us may cast unicorn which remedies the lack of healers in some groups once every blue moon.  Death wizards are way too overpowered.  Just because they are a solo class doesn't mean they should be able to solo everything.  Deck construction is something I rarely succeed at.  I usually try to go for a generic character build:  One set of gear, I stick to my class pets, and I try to build an all-purpose deck simply because I don't function well when I have to rely on chance.  This means that I cram my deck full of spells, almost never discard any cards, and can never draw the right card.  Plus, being a conjurer doesn't help my deck building skills (rather my lack their of) either.

Anyway... Conjure on!

P.S.  Many people seem to ignore the fact that the myth school is the school of shadows and illusion.  The death school has nothing to do with shadows.  I find this odd, but that's what the book in the myth school says.  Grandmother Raven tells us that Myth is between ice and fire "because that's where the shadows lie" when she reads the book to us.  I remember when someone asked me why my last name is Shadowblade even though I'm myth.  The real reason is that I thought the name Blaze Shadowblade is awesome, but I wish my reasoning for it was because I knew that Myth dealt with shadows before I created my character.

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