Saturday, March 24, 2012

Condemning Comendations

So I took to the Ettenmoores this Thursday and low and behold, Turbine's new fancy shmancy commendations system did indeed set many people back.  Since many people had tons of destiny points racked up and are now forced to leave them in the dust and pursue the ever so elusive commendations, most people are rife with opinion and it isn't in the form of positive feedback.  I personally think that it's bull to make us have to earn a new currency after we spent so much time amassing an old denomination.  The main reason that Turbine screwed up is because they didn't allow us to convert our destiny points to commendations thus giving us a massive grind in order to rank up our new audacity stat.  I personally am rarely on my creeps so it's more of a matter of principle for me than it is an actual crisis.  Sure it's a huge disappointment and I really don't need yet another obstacle in my way when I'm in the Ettenmoores.  I'm already way behind other people.

So what are commendations used for?  Everything!  They are a currency for everything but your general goods which you can get with reagular silver currency from one of the many NPC's in Gramsfoot.  Commendations have replaced destiny points as rewards for quests and killing freeps.  you don't get any currency rewards for killing regular mobs anymore.  You'll notice that we aren't given many commendations as quest rewards.  That's because purchases require less commendations than they originally required destiny points.  What used to cost a couple thousand destiny points now costs maybe a single thousand commendations or less.  I personally think that the scaling isn't properly proportioned, but there's no point in complaining.  It's not like Turbine cares about creeps unless they're pocketing bucket loads of cash off of them.  Until that happens, Turbine's main focus is on leeching off of the bank accounts of the freeps.

So...  Spend On!!!! (No seriously, don't.  If we can boycott petty shop purchases and spam on the forums that we won't spend money in the stupid cash shop until we have reasonable prices and don't have to pay Turbine to fix broken content that was supposed to be delivered free of charge, then maybe, just maybe, Turbine will look up the word 'morals' and stop treating us like blank checks.)

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