Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strong In The Force This One Is.

I just wanted to give a quick update.  I'm focusing on my shadow (of course) and I just played my knight a little (Jedi for the win; the Council is leetzorz).  I'm also getting an urge for the smuggler again.  The good news is I've gotten to the Taris bonus series quests which is the continuation of Taris's storyline past the point at which you should head to Nar Shadaa.  This is, as the name implies, optional, but I want to do as many quests as possible.  My affection with Qyzen (the first companion for the Consular) is getting along really well.  However, I think we are a little mis-matched in our roles.  Both Qyzen and I are battle-hardened off-off-tanks.  The extra defense is nice though and it kind of beats C2-N2's weak healing abilities and weak default attack.  I can't imagine how hectic it would be if I had gone sage and was using C2-N2 as a body shield, although I have a slight feeling (just a teeny-tiny feeling) that a tank would have an easier time trying to heal than C2-N2 would have tanking (just sayin').  It is fun, though, to gather a bunch of little Rakghoul and have them jump on Qyzen like posessed dolls (no joke; I swear one of them rotated its head 180 degrees and glared right at me).  I can't believe it takes 40,000 credits to buy the speeder skill from your trainer.  That's how much it takes to unlock your second cargo bay.  In other news, I've almost mastered the Javaal space combat mission.

Jedi On!

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