Thursday, February 2, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Predicament

I have been a little uncertain recently about which specialization I want my main consular to go down.  I want to be a Jedi Shadow (the Republic's asassin class), but I'm thinking about specializing as a Jedi Sage (the Republic's priest/cleric class).  The fact that they both use the energy mechanic (called force) is a little discouraging to me as I like to have mana which doesn't drain as fast.  I know that choosing your build is a pain in MMO's and that few people escape such a vile beast.  I honestly am not happy about being saddled with throwing rocks when I could be shooting lightning from my hands.  I think that both kinetic skills and force lightning should be interchangeable based upon which side of the force you choose to be on.  Give me your thoughts on swtor below or send me an e-mail at  You can also send me a tweet at @MEGALUS.  Also, check out the AQ3D project being conducted by AE.  You will have to search for it in Google since the URL hosting the details on it will be changing.  Don't forget to check out AE's games at,,,,,,, and

Predicament On!!!! (Man, why do I keep embarrassing myself with such cheesy puns?  Then again, I could have gone with May The Force Be On You... oh, oh that is just wrong!)

P.S.  Here's a video of the shadow.
And here is a sage video.

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