Monday, February 20, 2012

Full Crystal Biochemist

The chemist is in the hizzouse.  So I seem to be spending half of my time collecting crafting materials as I quest on Corruscant.  I have a couple of piles of resources in my cargo hold.  At least I shouldn't run out of the level 1 resources any time soon.  I'll be going crazy with rubat crystals once I get an artificer.

Here is another codex entry:

Satele Shan

Grand Master of the Jedi Order and leader of the Jedi Council, Satele Shan was born on the Core World of Brentaal Four and is descended from legendary Jedi Bastila Shan. Both a gifted warrior and wise teacher, Satele was personally responsible for rediscovering Tython and its hyperspace route. Ever since, she has devoted herself to the Jedi resettlement of Tython and the revitalization of the order.

Satele has played a key role in recent galactic history in other ways, as well. She fought on the front lines of several major battles--including the battles of Alderaan and Rhen Var--and was present as a Padawan during the Imperial retaking of Korriban, the first modern contact between the Sith Empire and the Republic. She is greatly respected by certain members of the Republic military, and her advice is often sought by the Supreme Chancellor. In person, Satele's strength in the Force is matched with a keen intelligence and a subtle sense of humor.

On a side note, I need a ship and a speeder and I need to get my shadow's white-haired, green hide off of Corruscant (which I believe I am about to do).

Green Goo On!

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