Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Consulate is in Session

Well, after a gruelingly frustrating weekend, I finally have a consular.  I decided to use my product registration code friday afternoon.  That backfired.  An error occurred when I entered it and when I entered the code a second time, I got the message that my code was already in use.  So I waited all weekend for customer support to correct that.  They didn't.  I checked my e-mail on Monday only to find out that someone corrected it first thing yesterday morning.  Murphy's Law didn't fail me.  So there went my entire weekend of play.  Then, I found out that I couldn't play my first thirty days worth of game time until I either subscribed or redeemed a game time card.  Off to GameStop!

Finally, at 7 PM, I was home and ready to play.  I encountered the exact same graphical issues that I did in Beta.  I had video lag and my computer shut off on me twice.  The second time it shut off on me, I was fighting some flesh raiders.  Now to log back in and see where my dead consular ended up.

Well, I'm progressing very well through the tutorial.  I'm halfway!  I'm looking forward to Huttball.

Hey there good lookin'!

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