Monday, January 23, 2012

Promptu Attempt at Starting a Blog A.K.A. Commensary Post

*Taps Mic* Is this thing on(line)?  *whispers* Que the drum roll! What? The drummer took the day off?  Raiding rehashed bosses? Really?  What about the trumpetteer?  Strep throat?  *facepalm* *fixes focus back on the readers*  Well, uhm, hi folks.  This was supposed to be my GRAND opening *glares at backstage dramaturge*, but instead, I'll just go with a prose narrative (short story).  I decided this morning out of a spur of the moment decision that I was going to put my google account to good use and start up a blog (not that I was ever very fond of the idea).  I've decided to give it a whirl whether for better or for worse and I might not be very frequent but this will be a good spot to direct my rants to and to talk about my MMO gaming.  As most of my aquaintances already know, I can never seem to keep quiet and I always have something to talk about (or complain about).  I am Megalus Doomslayer, although I prefer MEGALUS as it seems more epic to have an all caps name.  Now I know that there is at least one other person out there who uses this name if not more than one person, but I have not actually met them before.  I know this primarily because of the occasional failed attempt at naming a character MEGALUS when I try to create a character in a new MMO or on a server I've never played on before.  I'm primarily playing LotRO right now, but I also play  DDO, Global Agenda, Wizard 101, AQ Worlds, Herosmash, Epic Duel, Dragonfable, Mechquest, and occasionally I'll log into other games like Rift, Everquest 2, Loong, Adventure Quest, and Warpforce.  I've recently tried out League of Legeneds.  I am a big promoter of Artix Entertainment and can't stress enough how awesome they are. 
My current character names are as follows:

DDO- Zegalus, Negalus (Cannith server)
Wizard 101- Blaze Shadowblade, Blaze Hexmancer, Blaze Lifebane, and Blaze Thunder(something)
Herosmash- (Have you guessed it yet?) MEGALUS
Everquest 2- MEGALUS, ZEGALUS (Freeport server)
Global Agenda- MEGALUS

My kinship's name in LotRO is the Legion of Chaos.  Check us out as we are a multigaming guild.

I should have more information for you sooner, but until then, in the words of Adam Bohns (Artix Von Krieger)... Battle On!

P.S. Post questions, comments, requests, random sparring invites, and congratulatory well wishes below. -Y
P.P.S. +2 brownie points to those who can guess what my blog's name is a reference to. -Y
P.P.P.S. +5 to your lore skill if you can guess what my post script structure is an abstract reference to -Y


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  2. Oh and my twitter is @MEGALUS.