Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Characters

I wanted to give a couple screenshots of my characters so here they are *rolls out the catwalk* *hits the play button on the stereo* *deep voice comes on:  I'm too smexy for my... robe (eww...)*:
That's my Dwarven RK Zegalus in the middle.
Wow, not his best yearbook picture.  He shouldn't have gone emo that year.
Now That's what a yearbook photo should look like!

That's right, I can has Cysero's Golden Cheezburger.
                                                                   Hey there smexy!

Well those are a few of my characters.  For the rest of them, you can probably just look out for the name MEGALUS or do a search for my character page depending on what game you are playing.
As I was making this post, Turbine announced over Twitter that they have their next expansion set to launch this fall (shocker):  Riders of Rohan

LotRO On!

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