Thursday, January 26, 2012

Giving the audience the reigns (Gitty-up Darn It)

Today, I have a challenge for my readers.  This challenge, should you choose to accept it, will probably blow up 30 seconds after you finish the transmission just because that's what I hear transmissions do in spy movies (And it's never a bad time to honor an age old tradition... I think *gulp*).  I want you, the reader, to come up with a game for me to try out and if I like one of the games, I will do a Choose My Adventure segment on it. (Credit for my inspiration goes to Beau Hindman over at Massively)  So if I get a list of good suggestions... I'll be busy for a year as all of you pull the puppet master strings attached to my limbs. *shivers*  On another note, I want to include a post of guild listings for those out there who could use a recruit or two.  Also, I want to rap this post up with a game lore section.  For my first entry, I want to cover some RIFT lore since I want to start playing RIFT and am using this post as a tool to get you psyched so you will play with me. (Good thing I'm great at being subtle.)  First off, the story behind RIFT is that the Pantheon (Telara's gods) created six planes.  Each became the home of one of the six elements:  fire, water, earth, air, life, and death.  In the middle of the planes the Pantheon created Telara where the six main races now live.  Each race has its own lore and to fully understand that lore you should visit the race section of the website.  The idea is that the Bloodstorm (a legion of elemental creatures bound to the will of demonic entities that control the planes headed by Regulos) forced itself through rifts in the planes into Telara and waged war with the people of Telara.  When the Bloodstorm won, the Vigil (those of the Pantheon who joined forces against the Bloodstorm) intervened and resurrected those who fought in their name to protect Telara and brought the newly resurrected army back in time to when the war was still being fought.  The Defiant (those who forsook the Vigil and fought with the power of Eth technology) created machines to resurrect their people and send them back in time as well.  Now, as those who were resurrected, you have to fight the Bloodstorm and the opposing faction in order to save Telara.  The four callings that you can choose from are warrior, cleric, rogue, and mage.  Each calling has a set of eight soles that you can choose from that act as your class.  You may buy all of the soles, but you can only have three active at a time and each soul works as a skill tree that gives you your skills and stat bonuses based on how you spend your skill points.

That's it for this post, leave your comments, suggestions, hate mail, and cries of Defiant superiority below or e-mail me at, or send me a tweet @MEGALUS.

Guard On!

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